23 April 2009

A quick survey of animals I have eaten

I don't know why I felt possessed to draw this up, but here's the list as far as I can remember.

1. beef: tongue, liver, tartare
2. chicken: feet, testicles
3. pork - cheek, intestines
4. turkey
5. ox: tongue, tail
6. goat
7. eel
8. shark
9. other fish: angler fish, etc
10. dog
11. goose
12. yak
13. sea urchin
14. shrimp, prawns
15. various shellfish: oysters, mussels, clams, sea snails, etc
16. sheep, lamb
17. silkworm larva
18. rabbit
19. snail
20. buffalo

21. duck
22. quail
23. crocodile
24. ostrich
25. jellyfish
26. elk

And though they are not animals, I would also like to add durian and natto to my strange foods list.

Naturally, I'll provide important updates as they arise.

1 comment:

The Beez said...

You've got goat and goose twice - what about other game birds - hen, pheasant, duck, quail, etc. Scorpion, snake, aligator, frog, salimander/gecko/lizard. and of course your favorite: testicles