24 October 2008

The tale of Silibil'n'Brain

The Guardian is running a story today that Irvine Welsh is writing a screenplay based on the story of rappers Silibil'n'Brains. Snatched by Sony music, the duo was hailed as "the real deal" by competing A&R execs. Never heard of them? They never actually released an album.

If they're known at all, it's as the Scottish rappers who conned their way into a record contract by pretending to be American. After failing to gain any notoriety as rappers, they effected American accents and rerecorded their music. They submitted the new recording to Radio 1, where it proved a minor hit. They took the new act on the road and played some shows in London.
Within weeks, the pair had signed a deal with a premier management company. Within months, they had signed a record deal with Sony. They headlined small festivals, played Brixton Academy, toured with Eminem, appeared on MTV, partied with Madonna, and got paid more than £150,000.

Then the whole thing became a too bit much
Every day for the next four and a half years, Bain [Brain] pretended to be an American. He had sex in an American accent, swore like an American, got drunk in American. Eventually he had a Texan girlfriend, and even she never suspected a thing. By the time Bain stopped talking like an American, he and Boyd [Silibil] were no longer talking to each other. He had a major tax bill, a drink problem and a stomach ulcer.

The group split in 2005. Bain wrote a book. Here's a promotional video or something:

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